Woop! Woop!

I’ve been on my wonder drug, ALK/ROS1 inhibitor Xalkori for 27 months and counting. Praise God for giving me more time to make memories with my family and friends.

So much has happened in the last month but I was waiting for my latest scan results before writing a new post. I think I’ll work backwards…..

Saw the amazing, life-saving Dr. V this morning (with my entourage in tow) to hear these fantastic words “nothing new!” Be prepared to see a lot of exclamation points in this post! I’m very happy and blessed to still be in remission!!! We did talk next options and we’ll cross that bump in the road when it appears.

As many of you in the lung cancer community know, Saturday August 1st was the 4th annual World Lung Cancer Day. I was lucky enough to get to do a news interview (at 6:45am) to promote this awesome holiday with ALA rep and friend, Richard. I was able get in all the points I needed to along with a shout-out to Betsy Thompson (founder and survivor extraordinaire) and also mention the sad loss of a beautiful 20 year old (Kiersten) that recently when to Heaven. I want everyone to know ANYONE CAN GET LUNG CANCER!

The most impactful and heartbreaking event over the last month was losing my grandmother on July 20th. I was with my family on vacation in Florida and we flew to Kentucky to be by her side with the rest of our family. Thank God I was able to see her, talk with her and hold her hand before she went to her final home. Please pray for healing for my family, especially my mom. My Gram also had lung cancer (Squamous cell) so my mom has lost her mother and is dealing with her daughter’s fight also. Our greatest comfort is that the cancer died with her body and she is at peace dancing in heaven with the love of her life. I used to call her every weekend while I sat on my patio, drinking coffee. I can’t do that anymore and I miss her so much.

Again, I am reminded: Every day is a blessing and growing old is a privilege.