It’s November, which is Lung Cancer Awareness Month. In honor of this, a group of lung cancer bloggers will be interviewing people in the lung cancer community and profiling a patient, caregiver, advocate or health care provider each day. I will be posting them for your enjoyment. I am excited to participate and help raise awareness.

Andy Trahan – “If you have lungs, you’re at risk for lung cancer.”
A 35 year old father of 3, husband, and stage 4 lung cancer survivor. Diagnosed 2-14-13

Andy has been involved in advocacy by speaking to Representatives and Senators to share his story. Along with LCA he helped convince them to sign the bill for Low-Dose CT as a screening option. He and his wife, Leslie, also got a lung cancer specialty license plate in their state of Louisiana. He occasionally connects with other survivors that need support. His dad does a lot of research and connects with other survivors too and his sister created a Facebook page “Andy’s Team.” His brother has helped Andy with his work when he’s not up to doing it himself. Everyone has come together and has a role in the family to support Andy.

the kids' first day of school this year

the kids’ first day of school this year

What is a typical day like for you? I work from home sending reports to banks and finance companies so I drop my kids off at school then work on the computer. I play tennis or go to bible study and then it’s time to pick the kids up from school. The kids have practice so I take my daughters to dance or soccer and my son to flag football. Leslie usually starts dinner, I help the kids with baths, and we eat supper together.
As a family we like to go to the movies. We see almost all the kid appropriate movies out there. The weekends are filled will ball games for the kids and we go to Mass on Sunday and watch the Saints during football season.
What is something people might not know about you – I got symptoms in my freshman year in high school and was diagnosed with narcolepsy. I get a warning ahead of time and get really sleepy, but I take meds to help so I don’t have to live in a bubble 

How are you right now? Physically, I’m doing as well as I ever did before cancer. I’m also at my best place emotionally right now. I’m on a clinical trial and medically, I just got the best scans a few weeks ago…. so I’m doing good.
What do you want people to know about LC? If you have lungs, you’re at risk for lung cancer.

What brings you hope? Seeing new drugs go into trials. That means that I might have another year or two added to my life. The big hope is to skate on these drugs long enough so that the medical breakthroughs stay one step ahead of my cancer until there’s a cure.
I met Andy and Leslie 2 ½ years ago right after his WBR. Their faith and the love they share really touched me and I jumped at the chance to interview him. Thanks Andy!

Each day during Lung Cancer Awareness Month (November), a lung cancer blogger will share a brief profile of someone involved with lung cancer. The person profiled might be a patient, caregiver, advocate, researcher, or healthcare provider.
Yesterday Jill Feldman was profiled by Luna Okada on her blog “Cancer…an unexpected journey.”
Tommorow’s post will be on where Tori Tomalia will profile Brendon Stiles, MD.
All profiles can be found the day after posting on the #LCSM Chat blog at A list of links to all the profiles on the original bloggers’ pages can be found at on the #LCSM Chat site on the Profiles in Lung Cancer page