I’ve become an efficient traveler and the queen of packing a lot of stuff into a carry-on bag. I try to avoid checking my luggage whenever possible. I’ve been involved in patient advocacy for lung cancer for over 2 years but this year I have rally racked up some miles!


39,066 miles that include 11 round trip flights

3 for pleasure and 8 for business. Of course I always have time to connect with other survivors and advocates so there is pleasure in every trip. That’s ultimately my favorite part of advocating while hoping to make an impact and educate others along the way. I get more hope and inspiration with each connection and it gives me more strength to keep making noise for those who lost their voice.

My son lives in California which is a 330 mile drive from me. I have made this drive 8 times this year bringing my total driving mileage to 5,280 (in addition to daily stuff). I’m so thankful I bought a Hybrid last year!!

My point of sharing this is to say thank you to all that have helped me along the way.
All of these people have helped make this passion of mine possible:

My Lord and Savior – for giving me the desire and strength to help others.

My husband Joe – who rearranges his work schedule and holds down the fort while I’m gone, and is steadily supportive.

My mom – who helps with Devin and feeding my dogs when Joe’s at work and cheers me on every step of the way.

My kids – for being resilient, flexible, and understanding.

My extended family – for your love, prayers and support.

My amazing onc Dr. V – for thinking outside the box and fighting for me.

ALA National office – for allowing me to share my story and fight for more funding.

Lungevity- for helping my voice be heard and letting me be a part of your mission.

Snow Companies – for investing in me and helping me help others.

Free to Breathe – for entrusting your event in my hands and coming to Las Vegas.

All my survivor friends – for giving me hope, encouragement, and never-ending support.

It takes a village and I couldn’t have done this without each of you.