The other day my sister asked me to take a spin class with her. I used to take spin classes years ago but because of my limited lung function I have not taken one since being diagnosed with lung cancer. But I’ve been working out a lot and feel like I’m in pretty good shape so I thought “why not?”

I was excited to try it but also a little intimidated. When I got there, they gave me a tour of the gym and helped me get my bike setup. I instantly noticed when I walked into the room that there was a scent. I didn’t just notice it because of the smell but I could also feel it in my chest.

When I mention this to the employee she said “oh it’s just essential oils and the smell will go away soon.” I told her you should let people know you are using scents in your rooms in case they have any breathing issues = blank stare.  I also noticed the room was quite hot. Probably not HOT but I would say close to 80 degrees. This is another thing that was not mentioned to me ahead of time.

Heat, humidity, and smells make it harder for me to breathe so I was worried I wouldn’t make it through this 45-minute class. She put me on the bike near the door which was also near the fan. Halfway through the class I asked the instructor to turn the fans on which definitely helped a lot. I watched the others in class with envy as they “up and down-ed” and “left and right -ed” with ease.

I’m still getting used to my body’s limitations.  The class was challenging and I had to go at my own pace but I actually really enjoyed it for the most part. And my sister was right, you will never sweat so much!