It’s all about perspective. Not to minimize anything anyone is going through because we all have something we’re dealing with. What may seem trivial to one could be very traumatic for another.

In my toughest days dealing with cancer it was hard to stay optimistic but I tried to. With the long list of potential side effects I


could have had I felt blessed to be somewhere in the middle of the “1- down right shitty” scale. It could have been worse… way worse.

A family member was newly diagnosed with metastatic melanoma.  He was very healthy otherwise and looking forward to retiring with his wife after just turning 65. He’s had one complication after another.  Just when he had a good week (relative) something else seems to happen.  After the latest challenge he is finally home resting, eating, and getting stronger.

While I’m feeling good right now,  seeing the battles others are fighting reminds me to enjoy each day.  Take nothing for granted.  Love each other.  Make memories.