I amĀ  generally an optimistic and positive person, but I have to say that lately I have been even more hopeful than usual. This is for so many reasons. First and foremost my God and my family. I am beyond blessed to have a close and loving family that supports all my endeavors to raise awareness and do my best to help others. Without them I couldn’t’ do what I feel compelled to do.

date night June 2016

Date night with my awesome husband

I have a wonderful group of friends in the lung cancer community. It is a bittersweet situation to have this group continuously grow. While I love having them in my life, I’m also sorry that we have met under these circumstances. I just attended a LC Leadership Conference hosted by Free To Breathe and met many more great people making noise and advocating for us. Without cancer there are literally hundreds of people I never would have met. They keep me going, they lift me up, and they all inspire me to do more. They are part of my family now.


Free To Breathe survivors learning how to be better advocates

If you haven’t heard about Vice President Joe Biden’s Cancer Moonshot initiative you MUST read about it! The goal is to dedicate more time and funds to cancer research and to cram 10 years of exciting discoveries and knowledge into just 5 years. For those of us living on borrowed time this brings so much hope and excitement that we could be blessed with more time.

Days, months, and even years. Because that’s what we all want: more time to make memories with our loved ones.

I used to dread birthdays and getting old. Now I pray for them and even embrace the wrinkles. I hope you do too.wrinkles